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Sarah Gebbie

Sarah Gebbie - Lead Vocals, Percussion

Birthplace: Rochester, NY

Most likely to: Rock a tambourine solo, call in a last-minute demand before a gig, brag about singing with someone famous, talk to the animals (she’s a vet), keep it classy. No, seriously…

Greg Munro

Greg Munro - Bass, Backup vocals

Birthplace: Aberdeen, Scotland

Most likely to: Have an “idea for a new song to do”, sing in the shower, confuse you with his weird British jargon, pull some moves like Jagger, take it that one step too far…

Jay Rowe

Jason Rowe - Guitar, Trumpet, Backup Vocals

Birthplace: Rochester, NY

Most likely to: Spend hours practicing the same riff, know how to play a song after hearing just the first chord, show off his Eagle Scout skills, be disappointed when the Bills miss out on the playoffs, again…

Pradip Ananda

Pradip Ananda - Drums, Backup vocals

Birthplace: Auburn, NY

Most likely to: Run for miles and miles and miles for no apparent reason, go bright red when embarrassed, be asked, “What did you look like with hair?”, hit things, that’s what he does…

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